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Post Covid-19 fatigue is becoming a concern for some who have been infected by this virus. Learn how an acupuncturist may diagnose and treat this symptom.

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In this video, I discuss:
- what is fatigue
- covid fatigue symptom
- what is post covid-19 fatigue syndrome
- acupuncture for fatigue
- what are the symptoms of the coronavirus
- post covid-19 fatigue syndrome causes, symptoms, and treatment
- coronavirus medicine
- medicine for post covid19 fatigue
- acupuncture for post covid19 viral fatigue
- acupuncture for coronavirus
- post viral fatigue covid19
- how to beat/treat covid19 fatigue
- why am I fatigued all the time
- heart deficiency
- spleen deficiency

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- covid symptoms
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- lung qi defiency
- tradtitional Chinese medicine

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